New Beginnings

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The weather in Toronto was absolutely beautiful today! And it’s also Friday (TGIF!) 😀

I came home from work today and found shoots coming up in our garden, and of course, it led to taking my camera out and photographing every random leaf and branch I saw lol …but after a long, stressful week, this short escape into nature was exactly what I needed! Let’s hope this beautiful weather lasts over the weekend!

One of my favourite things about Spring is that when the first few buds and shoots start popping up, it feels like a whole new beginning in life! A whole new dose of inspiration to keep us going! This is usually the time of the year I feel most motivated and inspired to achieve my goals and aspirations.

Let’s hope May 2015 brings us lots of new beginnings to look forward too!

Happy May, Happy Friday, Happy Spring, & Happy Weekend!! 😀 ❤




untitled shoot-035

The picture above was taken during spring 2014. It is now Spring 2015. And yet, I look outside my window and I see snow falling over bare trees. Where are the buds and new sprouts? Where are the birds? Where is the sun? Spring, where are you?