This week, Adobe released the newest version of many of it’s software, including Photoshop, and a cool new feature in this latest update is the sky replacement tool!

My editing process usually involves me just sticking to Lightroom. I rarely ever go into Photoshop unless there’s a branch or a random tree that I want to remove from the image. But this week I’ve been tuning into Adobe Max, Adobe’s virtual creativity conference, and seeing the demos of the sky replacement tool at the conference inspired me to give it a try.

One thing I didn’t expect was how easy it would be to implement and make adjustments. It’s as simple as importing your photo into Photoshop, making a copy of the layer, and then hitting edit > sky replacement. That’s it! Once you click on “sky replacement,” you are prompted to choose a replacement image (you can upload your own images as well) and have the opportunity to make adjustments to both the foreground and the sky to make your final output look seamless. What impressed me the most was how Photoshop automatically made changes to the tones and lighting on the foreground image to better match the sky.

Here’s an example where I took an image with a very boring sky and tried replacing it with two different sky images:


Sky 1

Sky 2

As you can see, the image with sky 2 has a completely different tone and foreground brightness compared to the image with sky 1. I did bring down the brightness of the foreground in the second image just a smidge to make the lighting a bit more realistic, but that’s the only adjustment I made.

Have you tried out any of Adobe’s new tools?

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