The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many of us staying indoors, self-isolating for the benefit of not only our own health, but for those around us. It’s an incredible act when you think about it. Millions of people around the world are collectively staying home. Although many of us may be alone, the fact that so many people around the world are doing the same makes it feel less lonely in a way.

But that being said, staying home can make you feel stir crazy. It’s not easy being disconnected from friends and family members and relying on virtual video calls for a sense of normalcy. In addition to that, many of us may be struggling with mental health, finances, physical health or even just the sadness of watching loved ones go through these struggles.

To cope, my husband and I added some afternoon walks to our daily routine. We try to get out for a walk, just up and down the street. There is a little pond in our neighbourhood, with an unfinished trail that circles around it. We live in a new development, so many of the pathways (and houses) are still under construction.

At first, these walks were just a source of sunshine and fresh air. A change of scenery. A mental break.

But now, it’s become something that I look forward to very much, because of all the birds we see!

The most exciting sighting was a pair of ravens who were in the middle of an elaborate courtship ritual. They were soaring side by side, back and forth, and at one point, locked toes and did what looked like a somersault in the sky.

Here are a few more of our neighbourhood birds:

What are some of your coping mechanisms for getting through our current reality?

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