Lately I’ve been so inspired by wildlife photographer, Varun Aditya and his incredible images.

In his Instagram highlights, he has a series of stories with tips for how best to use composition and framing in wildlife photography to tell a better story.

Usually when photographing wildlife, I felt that I needed to zoom in as close as possible to the subject. And I tried. But the outcome was never satisfying. I would feel like I got a decent image, but what’s the point of it? There was never a story.

After going through Varun Aditya’s highlights, I decided to give his tips a try. Last weekend, while exploring Lynde Shores, I focused more on the surroundings and tried to create interesting compositions, rather than just trying to photograph deer. This completely changed the way I approached each photograph. And I think it shows in the outcome as well.

Below are two of my favourite compositions from last weekend.

Who are some photographers that inspire you or have helped you become a better photographer?

Leave some links to their profiles in the comments below!

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