My favourite moment of 2019: Our Easter long-weekend trip to Miami Beach.

More specifically, it would be our mornings watching the sunrise.

Sunrise at South Beach

We were lucky to find an affordable Airbnb so close to the beach. Our apartment’s back door literally opened up to South Beach. My husband and I were only there for 4 days, but by day two, we had developed a morning routine where we would wake up early and head to the beach with some towels to sit on. We would watch the sunrise, enjoy the fresh air, and then grab some coffee and breakfast before heading back to the apartment and getting ready for the day.

This trip was also a learning experience for me when it came to mobile photography. I decided to leave my DSLR at home in Toronto, but very quickly regretted once we landed in Miami.

Silhouettes of brown pelicans flying over the shores of South Beach at sunrise.

The first day we spotted pelicans flying over the shores at sunrise and I remember feeling so annoyed at myself for leaving my camera at home. But that decision forced me to use my iPhone to capture the images I wanted to. It’s not the same as using a DSLR, but it definitely made me think outside the box and experiment more with iPhone photography! For this reason, today I am grateful that I left my camera at home that weekend.

It was a learning experience that I will carry with me into 2020. It’s not about the tool you have, but more about how you use the tools you have.

What are your favourite moments of 2019? Share them in the comments below!

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