Nature/Wildlife, Photography

Centennial Ridges Trail

We completed the longest and most challenging hike I’ve ever done on Saturday – the 10.4 km Centennial Ridges Trail in Algonquin Park!

It took us 5 and a half hours to complete the trail. This included multiple stops along the way for snacks, lunch and photography. Our legs were so sore by the end, but it was worth it for the gorgeous views, a great workout, and some quality time with my husband.

If you’re looking to take in the gorgeous fall colours, I highly recommend this trail! Even if you’re not able to do the full loop, you can still start your hike from the back end of the trail and work your way up to point #10 – the spot with the best view of the entire hike, in my opinion.

Panorama of Whitefish Lake and the surrounding forests, taken from the cliffs at point #10 along Centennial Ridges Trail.

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