Serendipity: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Oxford Dictionary

In other words, a happy accident.

That is how I would describe our Sunday morning walk through High Park.

We visited High Park this morning hoping to see at least a couple cherry blossoms in bloom. As of noon, the buds are still in stage 5 – very, very close to blossoming. With all the rainy and cloudy weather we’ve been having, it’s not surprising that the buds haven’t blossomed yet.

Cherry blossom buds at High Park

Instead, we decided to take a walk by the pond and explore the other parts of the park, and came across some great wildlife photo opportunities!

We didn’t see any cherry blossoms, but we did see a beaver, cormorants, woodpeckers, chipmunks, a toad, ducks, geese, swans, and more! Hence why I mentioned earlier that I would describe our visit as serendipitous.

High Park gets a lot of buzz each year during this time, with people flocking into the area hoping to get a glimpse of the cherry blossom trees at peak bloom. But there’s so much to see and explore year-round, from wildlife and hiking trails to gardens and the zoo. You can even feed the llamas on weekends between 11:30AM – 2:00PM!

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