It was a cloudy, cold morning today in Toronto, but I didn’t let that keep us inside.

My goal for this year was originally to go out as much as I can, regardless of the weather. But over the past few days, I felt that I needed to get more specific, and create a goal I can actually track. In 2019, my new goal is to spend time in nature at least 52 days out of the year.

Today, we went out into nature for the second time this year, to Tommy Thompson Park. This park was beautiful! I didn’t expect to be as large as it was, or to have such a variety of landscapes to explore. We also spotted quite a few wildlife – chickadee, cardinal, mink, woodpecker, peregrine falcon and lots of ducks! I can definitely see myself going back here through out the year to photograph wildlife.

What’s one place you visited that pleasantly surprised you?

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