Another year, another BioBlitz!

This year’s BioBlitz took place at Heber Down Conservation Area, which is located in the Lynde Creek Watershed in Whitby, Ontario.

“A BioBlitz brings together taxonomic experts, citizen scientists and the general public to do a species inventory in a particular area over a  24 hour period.  Participants record all the organisms they find, then experts verify their identity. As the Blitz proceeds and after it is done, the species records are compiled into a single data set: the species list, which provides a snapshot of the biodiversity in that location on that date. ” –

In addition to the benefits of collecting data for conservation efforts, the BioBlitz also allows children and adults of all ages to come together and have an incredible time exploring nature. You can join a Blitz team and go out into different habitats to search for species, or you can check out workshops and live animal presentations at the festival area.

This was my fourth BioBlitz, and as always, I had so much fun and took a ton of images! Here are some of my faves:


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