Day 9 of our trip to Nicaragua was Beach Day! We went to Playa Madera, a surfer’s paradise! The waves were huge, and extremely powerful.  It was also my first time in the pacific ocean, which was pretty cool. And of course the food and drinks were amazing! We left our camera’s behind this day, to  experience the day and just have fun, so unfortunately I have no photos to share.


On Day 10, our last day in San Juan Del Sur, we visited the San Juan Del Sur (SJDS) library.


The SJDS Library represents a new direction for Nicaraguan libraries. There are few such facilities that lend books, and public buildings rarely have quiet, well-lit areas open to all for reading, writing and enjoying the pursuit of information. Through SJDS Library’s mobile library initiative, the library is able to provide children at various schools around the city with access to library books.


12 Days of Nicaragua


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