The morning of our second day on Ometepe Island began with a tour by Walter, Socorro’s son. Walter showed us his garden and helped us identify the different plants he grew,  such as cinnamon, mango, lemon, sweet lemon, bitter lemon, papaya, plantain, coconut, basil, oregano, mint and so much more!

Walter loved posing for photos!


We spent the rest of the morning back by shore at the Puesta Del Sol community centre.


Puesta del Sol is ran by women representing 17 families in the community of La Paloma. Most of its members are engaged in traditional agricultural activities. Today they offer tourism services as an alternative means of community development in a spirit of sustainable and environmental conservation.


After lunch, we spent some time just taking photos around the island. Here are some of my favourite shots:


Meet Julian – one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve ever met! Julian lives at Puesta Del Sol with one of the families, and he loves being pet. 
View of the volcano from on top of a water tower near the Community Centre.


Pigs rolling around in the mud!

Later that afternoon, we had a community cooking class where we learned to make Nacatamals, a traditional Nicaraguan dish.

Step 1: Chop up all the vegetables and meat that you would like inside your Nacatamal.


Step 2: Place some rice on a palm leaf, followed by your ingredients, sauces, and anything else you want to add for flavour.


Step 3: Fold it in a special way that I still don’t completely understand how to do haha it was complicated, and I had a lot of help from Socorro.


Step 4: Let it steam in a pot of hot water for a couple hours.


The final result was delicious! Unfortunately I was so consumed with eating it that I didn’t end up taking a photo. :p

After dinner, a local dance group performed for us at the end of the day with traditional Nicaraguan folk dances, which I thought was absolutely beautiful!


I couldn’t help but notice the Island mentality of a relaxed and easy going life – stress free – watching the day go by. This is something I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life. No matter how busy and hectic life may be, I hope to find a moment of peace and stillness in each and every day.


12 Days of Nicaragua

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