Proyecto Mi Chante is an organization in Leon that offers a variety of health and education initiatives. It started as a community house that was used by police officers to do social work with local boys that were causing trouble. What once was known as one of the most dangerous areas of Leon is now considered one of the safest, thanks to this organization.



Today, Proyecto Mi Chante offers free education for children up to grade 3 taught by volunteer teachers, a health centre with services in prenatal care, general health care, family planning, and more, art programs that teach people how to make masks and keychains they can sell at the market, and breakfast for the children coming in for classes.

“For a better planet, we recycle.”

The building aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled material as much as they can.


The health centre does not have many supplies or high-tech equipment, but the doctors are passionate about their work and do the best they can with what the have to ensure the community gets the health care they need.
Figurines made my the local community to sell at the market.
The entire walls and doors inside the building were covered in beautiful, colourful, artwork, all depicting positive vibes.


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