Proyecto Barrilete is a community house and orphanage which provides children with free education, food and a safe space to sleep. Unfortunately, with not enough funding and many children to take care of, maintaining the space is not easy.


When we entered the building, all the children came running towards us, giving us hugs and saying hello. They had just woken up from a nap. Marasarita, the director of Proyecto Barrilete, told us that day that she finished the last remaining food in the pantry for the children’s lunch and she is not sure yet what she’s going to do for dinner. She says she often has them taking naps through out the day to help them forget their hunger. Before we left, we made sure to provide them with enough groceries to last them at least a few weeks, along with some cash to help sustain her efforts.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to set up some sort of Go Fund Me or donation service for them due to Marasarita’s situation, but we hope to set something up soon to give back in some way.


The washroom has no door, and the classrooms don’t have enough tables and chairs for all the children.

If you ever find yourself in Leon, Nicaragua, please be sure to stop by this organization and help them out in any way possible.

Here are some portraits I took of some of the children.


This little boy insisted that Paul put his shoes on for him, and decided to try on his sunglasses in the process.


12 Days of Nicaragua


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