One of my favourite things about photography is to be able to capture a moment in time that can never be replaced. However, sometimes I find it difficult to capture moments that I feel deserved to be captured simply because I didn’t have my DSLR with me, or I wasn’t fast enough in taking my camera out of my bag. During these moments I’ve always wished that there was some sort of camera that was small, lightweight, easy to carry around and still produced high quality images. I’ve tried carrying around my iPhone, and although they do take decent images, I still feel very limited in terms of how creative I can be with them.

Recently, I found about the #VantagePoint Project by Light and learned about their brand new compact camera that does exactly what I was looking for! It can produce up to 52 MP images, 4K video, has very precise depth of field and focusing technology. The best part – it’s about the size of a standard smartphone!!

In 2015 I travelled through Kerala, India – one of my favourite travel experiences to date. We explored tea plantations, mountains, rivers and backwaters, while experiencing the local cuisine, culture and wildlife. This is one of my favourite images from that trip:

Purple Dawn
Taken from a houseboat in Allepey, Kerala, India.


My husband and I just finished having a romantic, candle-lit dinner on a houseboat, prepared for us by the on-board chef. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and love in the air which I will never forget, and every time I see this image, it brings back those feelings for me. There was no pre-planning involved with this shot. In fact, all my favourite images that I’ve taken have had no pre-planning involved. They have all been in the moment experiences. One thing I regretted during my trip to Kerala was not bringing my tripod along with me for beautiful landscape photography. I just didn’t want to carry around extra equipment, especially since I  was already carrying my canon, two lenses, extra battery packs, and cleaning gear. If I had the Light L16 during this trip, I truly believe I would have had a much easier time with my luggage and travelling from place to place. And I probably would have brought a small tripod along as well, since I would have had much less equipment to carry along. It would also make it so much easier to capture those fleeting moments that you just can’t reproduce.

It’s really exciting to see technology improve so rapidly in so many amazing ways!

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