This past weekend I teamed up with local Toronto artist, Jyothee Murali (also known as JYXDI), to create some images using smoke grenades for her new website. This was our first time using smoke grenades and we had no idea what was in store for us. But, we ended up with some surprisingly cool images that we were more than happy with! 🙂


The biggest challenge we faced with the smoke was not being sure of how long it would last, where the wind would blow it, and how much smoke would come out at one time.



For our first attempt we used a yellow grenade which burst from both ends of the tube. We were only expecting smoke to come out from one side, so this was definitely a hurdle. The smoke also ended up finishing quite fast. The concept we had in mind was to create a circle of yellow around Jyothee, which of course did not go as planned. She was covered in smoke head to toe and we had to change up the poses last minute.


However, for our second attempt, the smoke ended up coming out of only one side, and much more slowly and consistently for quite a while! We had plenty of extra time to take some really cool shots and play around more.


Here are some more pictures from the day, including some fun autumn themed shots! 🙂

Model: Jyothee Murali (JYXDI)

Smoke grenades from 

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