“I don’t know what to post!”   

Sound familiar?

It’s a common complaint amongst bloggers who just cannot create consistent content due to a lack of ideas. Whether you are just starting out in the blogosphere, or a seasoned pro, we all have experienced these moments of frustration where we have no idea what to blog about.

As a photographer who mainly works with images, the idea of writing a lengthy blog post can seem intimidating (or at least it did to me, not too long ago!).  Many of us want to be committed to our blogs, but not knowing what to write can slow down our momentum and pretty much ruin the whole blogging experience. 🙁

I’ve put together a list of topic ideas for photographers in the hopes that they inspire your next blog posts. Feel free to bookmark this page or pin it for easy access ! 🙂

10 blog post ideas for photographers

  1. Write about your story. How/why did you get into photography?
  2. Make a post on some photography tips and tricks you’ve learned in your journey.
  3. Create a written or video tutorial on a DIY project related to photography (ex. DIY lightbox, Spot Removal in Lightroom)
  4. Write a review on a new product/software that you were able to get your hands on.
  5. Show before and after pictures that show the conditions you were working in and how you got the final results.
  6. Share a photo series that you’ve created in the past. Or create a new one!
  7. Post behind-the-scenes footage. People love seeing what went on behind the scenes either at your office or shoot location.
  8. Recommend your favourite gear, products, software, apps, books etc. that make your life easier when it comes to photography, or even life in general!
  9. Do a photo challenge series. There are so many out there from weekly challenges to 365 daily challenges. Choose one that fits your lifestyle and blog away!
  10. Do a teaser post of new photo projects that you are working on. This is a great way to get people excited about your work and get more eyes on the final result!

Bonus tip: Create a list of 10 ideas to blog about! :p 

And there you have it! 10 blog post ideas that will hopefully inspire your next piece!

Have any other blog post ideas that I haven’t mentioned? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂


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