Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my style as a photographer. Every photographer has their own unique style when it comes to their work, which sets them apart from other photographers.

The last time that I decided to spend some time really figuring out my style was while I was in school, for an assignment for a photography course. At that time, what defined my style was patterns, bold colours and details in my images. However, back then my work revolved around nature and wildlife.

Since then, I’ve been doing what felt right to me and not worrying too much about consistency, style, etc. I’ve been experimenting with more portrait and conceptual photography and working with models and other artists. However, the last few days I’ve been thinking about my style again a lot. As I look through my photographs, there are instances where I see specific styling aspects, but there are also so many that just doesn’t fit in with the rest.

I guess my style will develop over time as I continue to take more and more photographs. But it’s definitely something that I think every photographer should keep in mind and work towards perfecting their unique style identity.

How would you define your style when it comes to your art-form?

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