Instagram has become a very popular social media platform today. In fact, it recently beat Twitter for the spot of “Most popular social media platform.” However, as a photographer, one aspect I’ve consistently pondered over is how to use this very popular platform to my advantage in terms of attracting new clients.

When I first started my photography account on Instagram (@photobynila) earlier this year, I gained a lot of attention from fellow photographers, and still continue to do so. It was flattering to know that my work was being appreciated by those in my same field. However, it wasn’t helping me in terms of business. How do I attract actual clients?

After months of trial and error, research and a lot of learning, I’ve figured out many different successful strategies and techniques. However, two stand out:

  1. Hashtags
    • This is by far the single most important factor for reaching new clients. One thing that I started doing when experimenting with hashtags is putting myself in my clients’ shoes. If I was a bride, looking for a photographer, what would I search? If I was a mom in need of a family portrait, what would I search? I made a list of keywords that I thought would most likely be searched, and used them as hashtags. For example, a bride-to-be in the Toronto area looking for a wedding photographer  would most likely search the hashtag “#TorontoWeddingPhotographer”. This one step brought visits to my profile from so many new people. Of course, it takes  research and experimenting to figure out which hashtags work for your business and get the clients you want, but it’s definitely worth the effort.
  2. Follow & Interact With Other Users 
    • Instead of waiting for your clients to find you, why not go find them instead? As a portrait and fashion photographer, I knew I’d be working closely with make up artists and designers in my area. So I searched for them on Instagram and followed as many of them as possible, liking their posts and leaving comments in the process. Not surprisingly, many of them followed back, and I’ve ended up doing some pretty cool collaboration projects with a few them over the past few months, leading to new connections and promotions on other accounts. Some have also referred me to potential clients!

Applying the above two tips alone will tremendously increase the number of new pairs of eyes on your account. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes! 🙂

Want more tips on getting the most out of social media for your business? Contact me for a personalized strategy guaranteed to get you the results you deserve! –

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