I was never a religious person and there was a time in my life where I didn’t believe in God, or any higher power, at all. But one thing that I have always loved and felt at peace with, for as long as I can remember, was being surrounded by nature (mostly because it was filled with really cute animals!).

Over the last few years I’ve developed a very spiritual connection with the Earth and the Universe.  I feel connected to the energy that exists within the Earth and I am constantly looking up to the sky whenever I feel that I need some time with God. The Earth has become my place of worship, and the Universe my God.

Last week, I teamed up with Roxy Ram Beauty to create a photo series inspired by the 5 classical elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky. These 5 elements come up in many different ancient cultures with a wide variety of explanations about their attributes and how they relate to observable phenomena as well as cosmology. Many books and essays exist on this topic and philosophers are constantly going back and forth on what the elements truly mean or represent. But in my opinion it doesn’t really matter what the books say. What matters is how we connect to it on a personal level. Our minds are so powerful and sometimes, we can take something that usually has a negative context and use it to positively energize us, just by perceiving it as something positive.

The mental connection is what matters most.

Hence, “Elemental.”

This is what each of the 5 elements means to me:

  1. Earth: When I feel the grass beneath my feet, I feel grounded, connected, supported, and safe. Even when life is filled with a whirlwind of changes, I know that I can always return to the Earth and feel her support. It is my constant in an ever-changing world.
  2. Air: Feeling the wind on my skin leaves my spirit filled with a sense of freedom and a desire to make my dreams come true, no matter what it takes. It is the space where dreams reside, and I just have to reach out and choose which of my many dreams that I want to help make happen today.
  3. Water: The water is my source for renewal. When I feel burdened with negative energy, being in or near water is all I need to let it all go and refill my soul with clean, positive energy. Sometimes it’s just a quick shower that I need, and other days it might be spending an hour reminiscing by the waterfront.
  4. Fire: To me, fire is raw, unfiltered passion. Passion for life, and passion for the goals and dreams that I want to achieve. The flickering flames light up within me the motivation to make my dreams a reality.
  5. Sky: When I look up at the sky, I see the sun, the clouds, blue skies and birds flying. But on top of all that, I also see Divine energy. This one is something that is difficult for me to put into words. The sky, to me, is the Universe. It is the source of creative energy. It’s magic. 


Model/MUAH: Roxy Ram Beauty

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