Earlier today I was in a situation where someone did not like a certain set of photos because they looked too ‘sexy’. This person only liked pictures where the women looked sweet, gentle, smiling, innocent, etc. Of course, this is her opinion and she has every right to prefer what she prefers. However, it made me realize that there is still such a huge stigma against woman who embrace their sexuality. They are frowned upon. But why? Why is there a preference towards woman who are ‘innocent’, ‘feminine’ and ‘homely’? The part that confuses me the most is that all this judgement is coming from other women. Women are tearing apart each other instead of building each other up and encouraging each other to embrace who they are. Women already face so many challenges in our day to day lives, from unequal pay, sexual predators, domestic violence and abuse, sexism, unequal rights, and the list goes on. The last thing we need is more judgement. There is nothing wrong with being innocent and homely. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality.

Pictured above are the models from the “Culture Shock: Tattoo Edition” shoot that we did for Elephant Trails Studio. One thing that stands out to me from this picture is the way each of the women carry themselves. There is a mix of sexy, sweet, homely, and they ALL look absolutely beautiful.

Why do you think there is this strong stigma against women who embrace their sexuality, and against sex in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below 🙂

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