There is no limit to your imagination, and what can be done in post processing can add so much magic to your images. That said, it’s important to not get so caught up in post processing that you end up completely ignoring the magic that can be made within the camera itself!

Cropping can be an invaluable tool during post processing. It can take an otherwise fairly normal composition and spruce it up into something magical. However, when cropping pictures, it’s important to keep in mind that too much cropping can lead to a lot of noise in your image. The overall quality will decline and your image may not look very pleasing to the eye. Cropping should never be used as a substitute to getting the perfect composition in camera.

Typically, when cropping an image, your goal is to get the subject at the perfect spot in the frame, or get rid of unnecessary details that may be in the picture. This usually leaves you with a somewhat rectangular or square image.

An interesting way to spruce up an image through cropping is making a panoramic image, which can be horizontal or vertical. Usually panoramic images are done by taking several shots that are later stitched together during post processing. However, if you already have an image that you think can be cropped into a panorama, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see what you come out with.

This picture of these two ducks were taken at the Riverdale Farm in Toronto, Ontario. The original image had goats in the background and a small barn on the left side. But the positioning of the ducks with their beaks crossed perfectly, almost as if they were about to kiss, really caught my eye, so I cropped the image as a panoramic shot of just the ducks. The fact that the image is panoramic also adds to the overall symmetry in the image, which is something that often catches my eye.


I hope this post sparks some ideas for you on revamping your photographs. Are there any cropping techniques you use when editing? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below! 🙂

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